Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had the belief, “Everything good in life does not come easy.”  That is what I heard a guest on a radio interview say. She was convinced that everything good in life did not come easy. She had facts to back up her statement. She had emotion all tied up around it and she said with conviction to the host, that this is how life is.

I am not sure about you but I believe good things do come easy. In fact, I like to think that things come to me effortlessly.  As I listened to her make her points, I started to think about this past year, as my family and I were on a 13 month journey across Canada. What seemed good to us certainly came easy. We enjoyed:

  • Watching a midnight sunset in the Yukon. Good and Easy!
  • Hearing Bald Eagles as they soared overhead in Chilliwack, BC. Good and Easy!
  • Feeling the light touch of butterflies in the insect museum in Deer Lake, NL. Good and Easy!
  • Tasting the sweetness of a Saskatoon Berry in Regina, SK. Good and Easy!

The belief that if something is good, it does not come easy, is as true as if something is good it does come easy.  Too often we generalize as  humans. We use words like “You always…” or “You never…” and we find ourselves only focused in the outcome of the words we spoke. For example, if the woman being interviewed took a moment to think if there were times in her life where something good came easy then she would remove the limiting belief.

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary define Beliefs as: the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true.  The only reason good things did not come easy for her, was because she was certain that good things did not come easy.  But how can she be so certain? Was there a time that something good did come easy? More importantly what did she define as good?

If I was able to talk to her, I wonder if she found listening not easy? Or seeing  not easy? Or tasting not easy? Or touching not easy? Or smelling not easy? Or better yet – feeling her heart beat not easy?

What about you? Is there a limiting belief you have that if you were to take a moment and think about it – that you actually might find it not to be true anymore?  Think for a moment about when you use the words “never” or “always.” This is a belief that has you feeling certain there is no other possibility.  Ask yourself, “Was there a time that the outcome was different?” The instance you say yes there was 1 time – then it cannot benever or always. If you want to have a different future then you need to consider that the future can be what you make it, using your Mind’s Eye… (but I digress that is my next post).

I would caution anyone to beware of using generalized statements like Neverand Always because they eventually become a belief.  Because what you tell yourself over and over is eventually what becomes your beliefs.  If you would like to start realizing your dreams then it is time you review your beliefs.

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Yours in Midlife.

Kevin Huhn
Canada’s #1 ‘Reinventing Midlife Dreams’ Coach
Award Winning Expert/
Author, How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams