What does settling get you?

In Canada and probably many countries around the world there is the upper class, middle class and then lower class categories of lifestyle. (Side note: Interesting how the word “class” is used to describe financial income. What has class got to do with having or not having money. I know classy people and not so classy people who have and don’t have money.)

Settling into one of these classes is based on what you say to yourself. Today, in your life all you need to do is look at your bank account, credit cards statements, investment portfolio and you know right away what financial bracket you are in. When you wipe away all the emotional attachments to that financial landscape, you are really left with how you feel about yourself. Who you think you are and if you are worthy or not.

When my wife and I went through financial hardship, the inner world I had been living became clear and stood out. Who I thought I was and what value I had in myself was what lead me to this juncture in my life. All the decisions I had made were based on what I thought of myself.

If you ask the poor, the middle class and upper class individual about their situations, they can point reasons they are in the state they are in.

And here is what I have found to be the key differentiater in the results for these 3 classes. When you adhere to this rule you too can propel yourself from the situation you are in to a more freeing state that we call rich.

Don’t settle for 2nd best.

The moment you settle and tell yourself, “well that is as good as it gets…” that is the defining moment you set for your self worth. And not just financially… but self worth for anything. Your financial situation is merely the score of your exchange in value for money. My point is when you unconsciously fire off the rocket ‘I am unworthy’ you begin to limit the good you do deserve. In other words, you say “I am unworthy and I do not deserve to have richness life has for me” and you get less than you truly desire.

Ask yourself – Do you settle?

Your whole world is brought in through your five senses. Your memory stores these moments and you attach a meaning to them. As a result you have learned to define who you are based on what you have learned.

Think about when you were a child. How did you know what to eat, what to wear, what to play with, who to talk to? All of these things and more of what shaped you came from the outside.

You also began to connect what you were told with who you are as a person. You wore these comments like a superhero wears a costume. The comments turned into your identity. Maybe when your heart desired a certain kind of toy, you were ridiculed, so you felt unworthy and ashamed. You then associated that desire with being silly because it did not live up to the standards of the person who told you. AND if you had respect for that person, then you decided they knew more than you – so they were right and you were wrong. So you began to live their way. YOU SETTLED.

Please understand – I am merely trying to show you how you got to where you did. And when you take a stand for what you truly desire and you do not settle, that is when you begin to live the life you want. It may take years to transform. It may not. Your job is not to figure out the timing. Your job is to only make decisions based on your true self’s desire. So I say to you this – No more settling.

Like the title from Bob Proctor’s book says, You were born rich.

Warmest regards,

Kevin Huhn

One of “Canada’s Most Inspiring Speakers”