I came across an online post that asked the question “Which sales or marketing tactic is the biggest turnoff for you?”

When I read the answers it sparked an idea which resulted in me writing this article.  In my 10+ years of training and coaching business owners on how to grow sales, I have them look at what approach they use. I share what their potential customer may be thinking when approached.  The usual response is a surprised look or a comment like “I had no idea.” It is interesting to me that with all the resources around us, that a business owner will not take time to understand the do’s and don’ts in sales.

Like you I know companies need to make sales to survive. But there are the right and wrong ways. Would you agree? Take a moment and think of “Which sales or marketing tactic is the biggest turnoff for you?”

Is it one of the following?


  1. “Not hearing anything from someone UNLESS they are selling something. When your friends forget to be friends in their attempts to build their downlines or grow their businesses.”
  2. “If you don’t buy my super-high-priced program you are an idiot”
  3. “Any attempt to pressurise through scarcity, fear or perceived inadequacy.”
  4. “Facebook posts masquerading about some life coach’s success as a way to draw in business.”
  5. “When they lie about having met you – usually from a conference”
  6.  “Not telling exactly what their services have how it solves my problem…going around and round in circles and then hitting you with a ridiculous price.”
  7. “Adding you to the email list without asking.”
  8. “Websites, instant pop up join my email boxes.”
  9. “Doing research on the internet and it generates sales calls!”
  10. “Robo calls on the cell. Cold calls. Unsolicited phone calls trying to sell me something.”

Can you relate to any of these? Have you got a different one?

I have come to realize that we do not want to be sold to. We want the power to buy. As common knowledge as this may be – why is that so many business owners continue to push or judge or invade or disguise their message?

The answer stems from a few fundamental beliefs…

  1. A) Many business owners would not want to be their own client. They do not believe what they have is beneficial – but rather only want to acquire money from selling the product or service.
  2. B) Selfish approach to business. The business owner loves what they have AND believes they found the solution to a particular problem. They don’t care about the audience but rather are arrogant that their solution is the best thing AND if the prospect cannot see it… the problem is the prospect.
  3. C) Poor knowledge about getting a product or service to market. This is when the business owner looks at what others are doing and simply copies them because they believe it is better than what they themselves know.

As a consumer I am sure that you would be able to provide insight to a business owner. So I am going to go out on a limb here and give 3 key shifts as if a business owner was getting the input from you.

Dear Business Owner instead of

1) Not calling me unless you want to sell me – Build a relationship with me and show you care about me. Reach out more often – heck even send me some things once in a while… a tip, a gift, a checklist, did you know fact or an article.

2) Thinking I am an idiot because I did not buy – Give me the space and time to grow to become your client… maybe even make some suggestions on how I can accelerate it.

3) Putting on pressure or fear – Show me how my situation will improve.

4) Using social media tools deceptively – Share inspiring stories. Give me some tips and insights that will help me in my situation.

5) Lying about us ever meeting – Ask permission to get to me know. Tell me why connecting would be mutually beneficial.

6) Beating around the bush – Invite me to the party. Be direct with what is available to me.

7) Breaking the law… YES the law (ANTI SPAM LAWS prohibit businesses for just adding emails with being approved first by the user.) – Do business ethically and legally.

8) Surprising me or breaking me concentration while I am on your site – Have a fixed place for your request of my email … because you want to give something of value!

9) Blindly spying on me – Put offers in the marketplace that get my attention.

10) Making aimless, robotic, unable to converse in English phone calls… especially at dinnertime – Know my name, speak clearly and concisely, make it worth my time to talk, ask me for permission to speak with me… otherwise – lose my number!

In all of these instances – the focus needs to be on – What is in it for the prospect.

As with all relationships – TRUST is the #1 factor to the success. When it goes – there is not much else to have a relationship for. And building trust takes time.

We live in a world of instantaneous gratification. As a business owner if you can’t provide a solution to a problem or provide some sort of relief – your prospect will go elsewhere. And more importantly if you do plan on following up, then you need to do it from a position of truly caring about what is important to me the consumer.

As a business owner I understand the frustration that business owners face. But I have come to learn that if you truly want to succeed then you need to make sure you let go of the power.

If you know a business owner who could use help in changing their approach – share my FREE offer – Register for a Free 30 minute power session.

I will help them with their approach and give power to the prospects.

Kevin Huhn

Creator, “Total Branding Blueprint”

Author, “How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams”