Reinvent Your Dreams

and live a life you love!”

I bet when you were 19 or 20 you did not think your life was going to turn out like this.

It is not your fault.  You did have the resources available to you like the younger ones have today.  That is why I wrote my book How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams and why I am providing coaching.

You are probably struggling or stuck or feeling like something is missing.  You may even be wondering if this is all there is.

I want you to know that there has never been a better time to start living a fulfilling life.


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One on One Coaching Sessions

Linda Boryski, Owner Saskatoon PhysioYoga

“Kevin is one of those experts whom I regularly consult with. Kevin has been reliable, responsive and supportive as my business coach. He has been respectful of the other group I’m working with, careful not to duplicate services and ensure value added. I have truly appreciated the professionalism with which he approaches his work. Kevin, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you for all you have helped me accomplish both personally and professionally”

Joe Nunziata, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, bestselling author of Karma Buster and Spiritual Selling

“Kevin Huhn shines a light on the possibilities that still exist for all of us regardless of age…  actually gives you practical advice and a process.”

Baby Jeudy Dorzion, Founder of Giving Birth to a Queen, Author and Speaker

“Before working with Kevin I was not clear with the vision and mission for my business.  While working with Kevin, I received clarity for my business and the tools to achieve my mission.  During the process, I noticed that Kevin was very helpful with helping me identify and acknowledge exactly the plans I was thinking.  And, as a result I now have a clear and precise plan and vision on what I need to do to achieve my business goals.”

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