Are You Looking to build your inner circle? Would you like your network to be filled with people who care about making sure you succeed?

When you are out at a networking event and looking to make new connections here are 3 stupid Mistakes you need to avoid!

My hunch is you either own a business or work for one. And that you know a powerful way to grow the business is to meet people. Advertising serves it purpose but meeting people face-to-face has a unique opportunity to provide assurance to the people you’ve identified as your target market.

From that assumption, you probably agree that networking events can be helpful, yes?

You also know you need to be dressed for success. You need business cards. You need to know your product or service benefits. How am I doing?

This is where it gets a little uneasy. When you get to the event you quickly realize there is no one you know. Your thoughts are – I must make contact with these strangers.  But how do you go from not knowing someone to having them want to do business with your company?

Let me tell you a story of what happened to me and I encourage you, NO I implore you to avoid these mistakes at all cost!

I was at a 5 to 7 board of trade event. I had been mingling with different members and learning about their businesses. There was one particular person that caught my attention. I wanted to meet them. I decided to stay until the end.

I made my way over to them and we engaged in a great conversation. It turned out that we had a lot in common, like books written, teach seminars and deliver our clients great content.

As we were in the discussion someone else walked up to us, interrupted by saying, “Excuse me.” They shoved their business card in our hands. They went into their pitch. They went on for about 2 minutes which felt like 20. They finished with, “Ya, so call me. I look forward to connecting.”

The person I was talking with looked at me stunned and said, “Did this just happen?”

Stunned, we both walked to the nearest table and dropped off her card on to it.

Can you believe it? How would you have reacted? Well I decided to share this experience with people to show them the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES business professionals need to avoid to make great connections:

  1.  Interrupt  – When you come close to people in discussion, stand off to the side about 2-3 feet and just listen.  Make eye contact as they speak. But let them converse. If you get a chance feel free to add a comment of value. You will find that in most cases people will open up to allow someone else in  the conversation.
  2.  Make it about you – When you engage in a conversation have questions ready. We all love to talk about ourselves. Well give the person you are with the opportunity to do so. You will be amazed how they open up.
  3.  Take. Take. Take. – I learned a long time ago that successful relationships have this foundational principle… it is not what you get from a relationship but what you bring to it that makes it strong. You must be willing to go to an event and serve the people you meet.  Think how can I help them? Ask questions like, “What brought you here?” or “What is your biggest frustration in business?” or “If I had a magic wand what would be the 1 thing to help you in your business?”

Be a relationship craftsman. Take time to learn about people. Study what is important to them. When you come with the mindset of serving, you will find that people will also want to serve you.

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Warmest Regards,

Kevin Huhn
Author – How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams
Creator of Make Media Matter!