There is a lesson in life I learned, that has helped me grow quickly and confidently.  It is the same lesson I heard from one of my multimillionaire mentors. It is a way of life that differentiates those who are living the dream, from those who don’t believe in dreams.

It is as follows: make more decisions in life!   I know what you are thinking, “Kevin, I don’t have time. I am trying to get things off my plate, not add things to it.”

So let me be crystal clear.  The lesson is not to DO MORE >  it is to make more decisions.  I have found in my travels around the world and in different businesses, the people who make more decisions tend to be the ones who live more fulfilled lives.  In fact, it really has a science behind it. Fulfilled people know that the more decisions they make, the further along they realize what they want to experience.  Did you know, “people aged 45-to-54-year-olds spend on average an extra hour in front of screens each day,” [NY Times] and “Adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching video each day this year.” [eMarketer]  If people are spending this much time in front of the screen, they are not making decisions that empower them. And what is worse, they wonder why their life is not where they want it to be.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is: Make more decisions.


Let me explain what I do, and what was said to me by my friend the millionaire.  When you have 75% of the facts – make your decision. As you make that decision another opportunity will arise and you will be faced with another decision. So make that one. Then another. Then another. And another. Let’s compare that to someone who lets a decision just fester.  They think about what they should do.  They wonder what is good about it and what is bad about it. They think about what could happen. They start to wonder about all sorts of possible scenarios happening.  They start to involve others to get another opinion.  Did you know that every person has an opinion. And what is worse each opinion will be different. Because each of us has a different frame of reference to which we look at any given situation.  And the frame of reference is based on our Beliefs.  Our what?  Our Beliefs.  Remember  what I said what Element #1 is?  If not, read my blog on Beliefs, if you haven’t already.  But enough of the esoteric, philosophical explanation.  Here is the science behind making decisions and why it is important to make them more often.

If you dwell on making a decision it lingers in your mind. You think about it. You put emotion around it. You try to bury it in your mind but it pops up in weird ways – emotional outbursts, sleeplessness, poor digestion, procrastination. Holding off making a decision affects you in many ways like, how you react to others. As a matter of fact, until you finally say, “That is it, I decide.” you are carrying mental and emotional baggage. It weighs on you. It has you question your abilities and self confidence.  But once you decide, after you check in with your intuition, there is a sense of relief that comes over you AND then you think “why did I keep putting that off?” Wow! you actually feel lighter.  Then you feel better about yourself. And that builds confidence. Then you want to do more or something new or something for you.

Let’s compare the situation with someone whom you admire, and respect and have high regard for, because you see how they are living the dream. They look into the facts, gather enough information and make a decision, then move on.  They make a second decision. And then a third.  While you are only on one. They just keep moving on. They are creating the life they want.  And the momentum continues. They don’t have the situations or issue wear on them emotionally or mentally. They have the confidence and continue to build on it. Leaving their minds free to design what they want.  They deal with an issue and that is that.  THEY DECIDE.


Did you ever notice that the actual decision making is only a fraction of a second. Snap your fingers. “SNAP” – that fast to decide.  Getting to the decision is what takes the longest.

Here is some guidance for you – IF you want to reinvent you midlife dreams.  Make decisions count.  Gather as much as you can in a short amount of time and SNAP make the decision.

WAIT!  You are thinking. “How will I know when I have 75%?”  Well did you read my previous blog?  There is no fluke this one follows the last one.  ‘Trust your gut!‘  Your intuition is an excellent guidance system.  I speak from experience, when I tell you that the more decisions you make the better your life will get. Oh and if you think – “Well I am not making a decision” – then guess what?  That was a decision!  So you may as well make them count.

In business there is a 3 CHOICES Formula for papers or articles on your desk. If you touch a piece of paper, deal with it right away by:

  1. Filing it
  2. Taking action with it (by you or someone else)
  3. Discarding it

Well the same goes for your personal life when situations arise that involve you.  Find out:

  1.  Does this need my time? (do I need to physically get involved, do I need to provide an answer, do I need to simply listen)
  2.  Does it need my contacts? (Do I need to involve people I know or people I know about or someone who knows someone)
  3.  Does it need my resources? (money, tools, technology, belongings, vehicles, etc.)

By thinking in a manner of categories like these you can then start to digest what is required from you, how you help, what resources may be needed and possibly the time required. And if this is actually something you want to do.

If you know what you want in life (back to your Mind’s Eye), then you can see when things arise if they align with your vision and that will help make your decisions.  Does this make sense? Do you see what I am getting at it with deciding more often? How does it feel knowing you can make decisions? Do you think this will help you make progress in your life or business?


Here is a test for you – you get to try on your new way of thinking.  I want you to make a decision that empowers you once you read the next paragraph.  Feel good with your decision and then go make another one on something you have been putting off.  Maybe it is to call someone or to respond to an email or maybe it is to research something you have been meaning to.  Whatever you do – make a decision.  Ready?

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