How is your vision?  Do you see clearly?  Or are you blind to what is possible for you in your life?

First understand that I am not talking about what you see when you are looking through your eyes.  I am talking about using your mental visualization ability, using your Mind’s Eye.

After 30+ years of chasing my dream and helping others realize theirs, I have come to learn that the way to bring your dreams into reality is by incorporating a clear vision. That means making a mental picture or scene you can actually see when your eyes are closed, even though it has not manifested in your physical world.

Did you know we have the capability as humans to create a vision of anything we desire?

I have been coaching athletes since I was 18 and one thing I know for sure is that they are known for this.  They prepare for competitions, see themselves doing something before it actually happens.  When they look with your Mind’s Eye, they are taking a key step in the process of turning dreams into reality.

As humans we have an amazing imagination – yes that includes you.  Did you know you can conjure up any visualization you want. The clearer and more real you make the vision in your Mind’s Eye – the more you see it becoming real.

Try this:  Close your eyes.  (unless you are driving… DON’T!  You should not even be reading this at all – pull over!!).  Whew! Ok where was I? Oh yes… as you close your eyes imagine you are standing in front of a full length mirror looking at yourself.

  • What are you wearing?
  • What types of clothes?
  • What colors?
  • What do they feel like on your skin?

Now imagine you are wearing shorts and T-shirt. Think about the sandals on your feet.

  • What are the colors?
  • What does the fabric feel like?

Now see yourself standing on a beach with the waves crashing on the sand.  Look up and see the sun shining on your face.  Turn your head to the side and see the children running on the beach going in the water.  Look out over the waves and into the water in the distance.

  •  Do you see the ship in the distance?

Take a deep breath and relax. I want you to tell yourself that you are so grateful that your life is fulfilled, that your dreams have become reality.  Now I want you to Exhale.

Open your eyes. As you did that exercise, your Mind’s Eye saw what you wanted from the inside out. If you think you haven’t turned your dreams into reality, I am writing this article to tell you, that you have.

What you are experiencing in your life today is based on what you have been seeing in your mind’s eye up to today.  The problem is not that your Mind’s Eye is not working.  It is actually the complete opposite. Your Mind’s Eye has been looking at all the things you don’t want to happen.  I would venture to guess it is focused on how you

  • Don’t want to lose your job
  • Don’t want to be poor anymore
  • Don’t want to feel crappy
  • Don’t want to see the fat on my body
  • Don’t want,
  • Don’t want,
  • Don’t want

If you focus on what you don’t want, you will get that which you don’t want to focus on.  Let me show you – Don’t think about the colour blue. What was the first colour that came to your mind?  Blue right?

But I said – Don’t! I said don’t think about something and you immediately thought about it – even if it was just for a second. The vision came to you.  Your Mind’s Eye has no capability of filtering out “Don’t.”

So if you want to realize a dream then you need to remove the word from your vocabulary and replace it what you do want.  Put a clear vision in your mind of what you do want.  Then keep that in your sight. Before you know it – you will be to see what your Mind’s Eye had seen.

Don’t believe me? Trust your gut!

Time to Reinvent Midlife Dreams!

Kevin V. Huhn


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