20160227_161522What timing!  The subject of this blog has been wait and see for me.  Everytime I would go to post it something would come up. I would have a connection problem or be disturbed. There was something.  I just kept getting the feeling to wait. Until now.

I just came across a facebook note by Dayme Johnson, otherwise known as “the Rock”.  he wrote:

“Somewhere along this crazy road I learned (often times the hard way) the most important things I can do is be authentic, trust my gut, be the hardest worker in the room, celebrate the mistakes, be a grateful man and always remember that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

If you have read my previous two blog articles – Reinventing Midlife Dreams start with beliefs and What you see is what you get – then you will know that after nearly 10 years of research I have come to learn that we have 8 Essential Elements in us, that when shaped will Reinvent Midlife Dreams.

And number three (3) is Intuition. Otherwise known as:  Trust your gut!

So what does this mean?

Well here is my definition of Intuition (right out of the book – How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams): Your ability to recognize a feeling or a sensation in the stomach that gives us a nudge to do or not do something, supported by no facts or valid reasoning… just the “gut feeling.”

It is also referred to as intuition, your guidance system or your inner voice.  Regardless of what you want to call it, understand that it is a very powerful element in you. And the reason it is the 3rd one on th elist of 8.

For 30+ years I have been coaching hockey.  And during a game, I often find myself getting a hunch or feeling of what will happen on the ice. I have come to learn to trust it and let it guide me. So I tell my players something will happen, make sure to adjust. And in not time at all, after yelling a command to them, I sit back and watch the hunch or feeling play out in the game.  And what goes along with that is a player saying, “How did you know?”

When you get this gut feeling, you need to trust that it knows the right thing to do and that good things will happen.

If you have had the experience of getting an intuitive message, think back to where the feeling came from.  For some people it is a little voice in their head, or a flash of a vision.  But if you get in touch with how it felt for you. You probably would recall some kind of stomach sensation.

It could be light and fluttery. It could like a rock or a pit in the middle. Or it could even be a sensation throughout the corps (stomach, intestine, and groin area).  The term gut feeling is not very pleasant but it hits the nail on the head.

Now, if you are saying that it has never happened to you, then I want you think about what your “gut” feels like when you go to cross the street and are unsure there are cars coming.  Common sense would say that it just does not make sense to cross because of what you learned from a child.  But pay close attention to where the message comes from. Is it in your head or is there a sensation in your stomach?  I would venture to guess you have some kind of feeling in your stomach area.

If you are wondering why I put so much emphasis on this element, it is because it is the secret to your purest form of yourself wanting you to be who it knows you to be.

Your intuition follows your heart’s desire. Your intuition guides you to live the life you ultimately desire. It will not compete with your logical thinking. So if you think through things and do not check in with your gut, you will make decisions based on logic. You will not make decisions based on your inner self… your true self.  And isn’t there something inside you that is nudging at you – wanting more out of life for you?

BUT WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG?  I bet you are thinking.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever had something happen where you made a decision and shortly thereafter you regretted your decision?  That is because you did not follow your intuition.  You see if you follow your gut feeling and are wrong – you will shrug it off and like my picture above – that is ok! BUT if you DON’T follow your gut feeling and it is RIGHT! You will ache inside with what is know as regret.

From today, forward start to pay attention to your intuition. Your gut feeling.  Notice how your stomach area feels when a decision needs to be made. Watch for visions or listen for a voice in your head.  It may take some time – but eventually you will hear and see the guidance from the inside and that is how you start to…

Reinvent Midlife Dreams.

Kevin V. Huhn


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