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Books by Kevin

The science of attracting passion, purpose and a plan for the rest of your life

Stuck, lost or unsure of what to do next in life, is what many people consider to be a midlife crisis. More and more women and men, between the ages of 40 and 60, are finding themselves at a point in life that is very different than where they thought they would be.
How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams is an inspirational book that delivers a blueprint for a fulfilling life. Kevin shares the 8 Essential Elements that are in each of us, how to shape them to attract purpose, passion and a plan for the rest of our lives. He will grab you with his real life stories like the charming one about Thomas, a young boy with a dream and uncommon imagination—it will melt your heart and strengthen your resolve to never settle for anything but excellence in your life.

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Reinvent Your Midlife Dreams

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