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It took 50 years and over 10,000 people to discover the 3 keys to success

Canadian Thanksgiving is over and I had time to contemplate all that I am grateful for this week.  One of those things was all the experiences that have happened to me over 50 years. I realize that I am the result of all the people, places and things that have come into my life. People […]

How can you Multiply what you will do in the Next Year?

Fellow entrepreneurs, there are some basic strategies… not tactics… that stand the test of time no matter what the business or industry. Here is one you must focus on daily – Build Relationships. A key fundamental skill of any entrepreneur. I often say “it is not what you get from a relationship – but what […]

If you are in Business – then you need to meet this Entrepreneur

Meet the Entrepreneurial Catalyst himself – Kevin Huhn – and see why he is called exactly that.

Branding – The Secret to Long Term Success

Do you know the secret to long term success?  Want to take your brand to the next level?  The answers in the video.

How To Make More In The Next 12 Months Than The Previous 3 Years!

Most entrepreneurs will go through their business careers operating at only a FRACTION of their potential. Sure, they might get things done fast. And they might be good at pursuing opportunities when they come up. But they’ll always achieve “heartbreak” profits with their business. 1% to 5% growth every year will be the norm, which barely keeps […]