Do you ever wonder why things take so long to become reality for you?  Why it seems to be so easy for some people to manifest what they want yet your desires seem to be forever eluding you?

Well the answer lies within you.  Yes in you.

The results in your life are part of the creation process that is ongoing every moment of everyday of every year for everyone.  Whether the desire is what you want or what you don’t want you create it.  The result comes from your allowing.

What is allowing?

It is a way of being.  You know when you want that certain something, and without effort it shows up or you go get it.  You don’t really think about all that is involved to having it.

For example, when you want a glass of drinkable fresh water, you get up from where you are, you go to the source and you run the tap and then get a glass and then hold the glass under the running water and BAM – you realize what you once imagined.

Did you know that, “…at least 1.8 billion people use a drinking-water source contaminated with faeces” according to the World Health Organization source:

So what you think is not a big deal is actually a HUGE dream for 20% of the world’s population.

So if you want something then understand that allowing is you just being in a state of conviction that you will realize the idea you have in your head becoming a reality.

The creation process is based on how you feel.  This will determine what you allow to show up in your life.  How you feel is the result of the thoughts you think about. The thoughts are based on the words you use.  Before I get to scientific let me tell you what I have come to learn about allowing.

I read a book in 2002 called – “Excuse me your life is waiting.” By Lynn Grabhorn.  She wrote about flow of energy in your life. And we have the control of this flow like a tap for water.  We can shut the valve or open it so things can manifest in our lives.  In 2006, the movie, “The Secret” came out and in it was the description of a 3 step process:  Ask, Believe, Receive. It was explained by industry experts that this will get you what you want in life.

coverBut when I read Law of Attraction by Michael Losier and then met him this past January, I truly  understood what was meant by allowing.  You have to remove doubt. But how do you do that?  You find proof.

Imagine planting a seed in a garden. You take the seed. You put in the ground. You add fertilizer. You water the area. You remove weeds.  You make way for the sun to shine on it (when the sun is out). All the while nurturing the area, what takes place is the creation process is working.  Since we cannot see it, we merely ALLOW the seed to grow into a plant.  Over time we see the sprout through the ground.  And in that moment we become elated and feel the sense of accomplishment – this is the proof that what we hoped to see.

Allowing is not something you need. It is what happens when you send out vibes.  When you feel ‘positive’ about what you want – when you feel good and confident and are excited and you see that others are getting the result you want and you know that your thoughts stir positive emotions… you will notice that you are becoming more in line with your desire.  AND if you get a result and it is not what you want – realize that you are closer to what you want. You know what you don’t want and can be clear on what you want.  Every time you think about what you want – you feel good about it.  If you don’t feel good about what you want – then ask yourself what is it I do want?  Then you will notice a small shift in feeling,  You will begin to feel a little spark of hope that it is possible.  That is the start of you removing doubt… and when there is no doubt – then what you desire will come to you.

Michael Losier uses the term vibe (short for vibration).  He describes what you vibe as the magnet to what you attract.  You could think about something you want all day and never realize it.  You could tell a bunch of people what you want and still not realize it.  But when you have a vibration (remember the feeling of conviction) that is in line with your desire – you will see it manifest for you.  Allowing is you being in line vibrationally with that to which you want.

This goes for any human being, any where, any time.  It is always working.

Let’s look at the seed metaphor.  We put out a desired outcome. We declared what we wanted. Then we allowed the creation process to give us what we desired.

Now at first thought – you may think “a hocus-pocus”, or “this is all too airy fairy for me”.  There is no real tangible facts or reality.  And normally I would agree with you. But when I heard the explanation and description from Michael Losier, it made so much sense that I started seeing how things manifested in my life based on my allowing of those things to manifest.

Imagine for a moment that you have something you would like to have in your life. You get a vision of it or a feel for it or you write it down in detail. Next, you tell someone that you want this new thing.  Then you sit and wait for it. The “it” could be lose weight, a new relationship, money, new job, new car or a trip.  Whatever you want.  At first you are all excited. But then you think about the “it” and while you do, you look at what you have (or don’t have) and your brain says “BS” this doesn’t work so you don’t believe you will have “it”.  You might say, “This does not work.”  Your allowing of the desire goes and your allowing of no outcome takes over. Your allowing is now allowing more proof that you don’t have it – so you can believe you don’t have it and you actually manifest more of what you don’t have.  That is okay with your brain, because it says see there is nothing there.

Your allowing is always happening.  What you are allowing is in your control.

Let’s do this exercise:

1) Think about something you desire – something you would truly like to have in your life.

2) Write it down in detail.

3) Keep it in front of you or near you (somewhere visually).

4) Now if you think about and really feel what it would be like to have it and state in the present I have “it” – your brain will look at what you currently have and you may hear a voice say – “Liar, you don’t have it.”

So here is the differentiator.

Become a proof seeker.  A what?  Be like a detective. Just look for clues.  Every time something comes up that relates to what you desire, journal it.

Your job is not to question if you have it or not – you only need to notice when something remotely close is brought into your awareness.

For example – let’s say you want a new car.  Well every time you see a new car – notice that you are thinking about your desire.

  • Maybe when you drove by a new car lot OR
  • You heard someone talk about their new car OR
  • You saw an ad on a screen for a car OR
  • You grabbed a cab or uber ride in a new car.

Write down that you were aware and took notice.

You could write, “I am in the process of attracting a new car.” or “I am excited about the thought of a new car” or “I love the idea of having a new car” or “I like the sound of a new car” or “I see myself shopping for a new car.”

Your brain will not find anything false with that because you are in the process. All of these allow  your brain to say that what you are noticing is true and so you stay in the allowing of your desire.  This process is you allowing.

If you would like to change your results you have in your life you need to change your vibe so you can allow what you desire to come to you.

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Kevin Huhn
Creator, “Total Branding Blueprint”
Author, “How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams”