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Speakers, Authors, Trainers, Coaches and Professionals (Lawyers, Accountants & Doctors)


Your expertise is like no other, right?

(If only people knew though)


Annalisa Parent, Burlington, Vermont

“I got an immediate response from the hardest-to-get-in newspaper in the state! So flattered and excited about this interview… I COULD NOT have done this without the help of Kevin, who helped me hone my message, and put together a bang-up press release sequence. I am a seasoned journalist, but it’s STILL helpful to have someone else’s eyes and expertise on a project. Kevin is amazing!”

Bruce Anderson, Toronto, ON

“The tips and personal anecdotes that Kevin adds is way beyond anything that I could have gotten elsewhere about media relations. I’ll be using the techniques, the practices, and the discipline that Kevin taught me to reach out to the press and to establish on-going relationships with them.”

Cherie Griffiths, Oshawa, ON

“Make Media Matter! takes you through the steps of actually getting comfortable creating media connections and building synergy.”

Are you like most experts and trusted advisers? Tired of struggling to stand out.


what can you do that will give the power to become known in the marketplace?

You know you bring value to people.  You believe in what you have.  You are committed to your mission.

But unless you want to advertise, spend thousands and probably tens of thousands of dollars and get caught up in all the noise… you need to do something different.

But what?

Well if you talk to my students who are speakers, coaches, authors, trainers, and service professionals, they will tell you:

Make Media Matter!

Do you want to help people?  Want to be recognized as a true authority in your field?  Want to feel empowered getting your message out to 1000’s of prospects?


Want to do it without spending any money on advertising?

Let's face it, after you make a sale...


Would you like your clients to think of you as a trusted adviser?

Be known as someone who cares about what is best for your client.

Would you like to have third party endorsements and testimonials?

You will never sell yourself as well as someone else will sell you – GUARANTEED!

Would you like to get FREE exposure for your product or service?

Learn how you in an article or you in an interview is your way to reach your new prospects.

Wait! You could hire a PR Firm and have them do it for you, can't you?

If you are thinking about hiring a PR firm are you aware of the investment?

$5000+ per month!


Do you know what that means for your business?

You have no relationship with the media.  You only have the content you need to make your story.  There is no guarantee they get you new print, TV or radio coverage.

So what happens if you decide to leave them after $15,000+ and 3 months of your work?


You get no media contacts.  You only have your interviews you have done…  (if you have done any at all.)


Baby Jeudy Dorzion, Anchorage, AK

“I used Kevin’s techniques from Make Media Matter! and have made connections that without his course I would not otherwise have made. I have partnered up with three different book stores to have book signings for my new book. I have also made some great collaboration with a couple national radio stations to be a guest speaker once a month.  Kevin’s training is exactly what I needed to add to my momentum of using the media to be heard, be seen and be known!!”

Karolina Pasko, Vancouver, BC

“Kevin Huhn has given me a roadmap and helped me get crystal clear on how to position myself as an expert…I’ve got strategic exposure, gotten better with my time management around media planning, and become a divorce and relationship guest expert for many reputable online platforms. What’s really amazing is that I get to sit back and get media reach out to me, asking for a quote or opinion.”

Linda Boryski, Saskatoon, SK

“Kevin’s Make Media Matter course is exceptional value.  His understanding of the media industry is at the root of the course as he guides his students to take practical action to find the right media opportunities for your business.   Highly recommend!”

For nearly 20 years, Kevin Huhn...


Worked on both sides of broadcast media by producing and hosting both a TV and radio show.

Kevin has also been a frequent guest…

on national, regional and local radio, television and print media in Canada, the United States and Australia.

So if you want to Gain Credibility AND Exposure to Generate More Sales... You want to Register for The Make Media Matter: 30 Day Shine the Spotlight on You Program

WARNINGOnly if you want to stand out from the crowd and make significant strides in your business should you consider Make Media Matter!


When you Follow this Path:  


  • Identifying and smashing fears
  • Understand what the media wants
  • Where to find journalists
  • How to get their attention


  • Identify your story
  • Why you need to set the right tone
  • Knowing your audience
  • Learn what are the key resources to speak with media


  • Create the right plan
  • Identify the ‘angle’ to a successful approach
  • Start building your media relations
  • Learn the fundamentals to an interview
  • Master the art of pitching – improving your ‘voice’ to attract prospects


  • Learn the secrets of a ‘Go-to expert’
  • Bring the entire process to life
  • Discover how your words influence your bank account…  both Positively and Negatively!
  • Expanding your media relations

You will learn,

  • How Media works
  • The Different types of media
  • Ways to get media attention
  • Why you need to set the right tone
  • Where your best media can be found
  • To improve your ‘voice’ to attract prospects
  • How to overcome the fear of LIVE media
  • Why your time is best invested in media relationship building

You will get:

> Four (4) LIVE weekly video training calls including:

  • Subject matter teaching
  • Application of the material
  • Coaching on the calls
  • Takeaway Action Steps

> Templates to download for you use immediately

> Proven step by step documents to download

> Email Support

> Recordings of each session for future reference

> Access to the Secret Facebook Group

And here is what you will create...

Imagine where your business will be when you are the sought after expert in your industry.  How much impact will you make?  How many people will you help?  How will you be looked upon by prospects?  How would your business change?   That is what you will be able to do in 30 days.

  • Confidence and certainty about your knowledge
  • Clarity about your ideal client
  • A strong message that needs to heard, seen and read
  • Skills that you can use for a lifetime
  • The ability to reach out to your choice of media
  • A message that gives tremendous value for others and you can monetize for yourself
  • All the tools you need to use over and over and over

If You Are Ready To

Gain Credibility & Exposure

Get Free Advertising

…and attract your ideal clients,



Register Today for ONLY    $997 CAD!   

and Stand Out from your Competition!



That will shine the spotlight on you and your business!

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