How to Make, Market and Monetize Your Own TV, Radio, Podcast Show, Blog and Column

PERFECT FOR YOU IF…  You have a passion for a topic to share to your ideal audience.   You are an established expert in your field.    You want to interview the experts or celebrities (like Oprah)

We are Kevin Huhn and Ricky Shetty… and we’ve teamed up…

  • Ricky has been travelling the world with is family for nearly 2 years.
  • Kevin had a TV and radio show and for the past 17 months a monthly column

So many folks we have be speaking with and reading about want their own platform to share information, content and their story.  The current information is limited or centered around 1 or 2 aspects.   Until people start the work – they realize THERE IS SO MUCH more they need to know.

Google University doesn’t tell you that podcasts, radio and TV shows, columns and a blog require specific steps, processes, methods and strategies to actually make money. Us coming together will reveal and share all components:

  • Making and creating (structural layout and formats)
  • Marketing (Preparing and getting the message out)
  • Monetizing (Ways to actually get revenue)


We will provide you with the pitfalls and things that most won’t discuss – like laws & regulations, insurance, running your show as a business and we’ll coach you.

For example – you will learn to prepare a show pitch AND how to get a sponsor… GUARANTEED!


It is not what you know BUT what you do with what you learn that will matter. The processes, methods, strategies and tactics it takes to go from an idea to getting money in your account are laid out for you to follow AND get help along the way.

Create a personal brand

Stand out in your marketplace so your audience can see, hear and find you.

Proven Steps

Take your idea and bring it to reality follinwg media best practice that resulted in $1,000,000+ of advertising value.

Documents & Templates

Downloadable to use over and over for years to come.

Your Show. Your Way

Build the platform that best reflects who you are and what you do.

Actual Strategies

Gain what is needed to have a TV, radio show and powerful podcast hit 5 million+ views & 7,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Pitching The Idea

Share your show to a network. Have a blog that attracts 10K+ views per month and 100,000+ followers on social media.

Become the Expert

When you listen to someone talk about a subject, what is your immediate thought?  They must be an “expert”.  If you like what is being shared you tend to align with that expert and trust them. Attracting clients is built on them knowing, liking and trusting you.



FIVE – One Hour Sessions We will present this comprehensive exclusive material via Zoom


THREE – Virtual Roundtable Sessions Being able to apply what you know, will stir up questions.  Apart from the training a place will be set to answer them for you.


TWO – Hotseat Sessions Hands-on  1 on 1 support for those looking for a little deeper help.


UNLIMITED Email Support – Access to SECRET Facebook Group Schedules are tough to synchronize. Support for you is extended through digital platforms as well.

“Since this program will ONLY start in the FALL/WINTER

YOU WILL BE 1 of 20 WHO WILL HAVE EARLY ACCESS TO THE PRE-LAUNCH OF ALL MATERIAL AND TRAINING AND COACHING WHEN WE START IT SEPTEMBER 5   Imagine what it will be like to have a show? How important is it for you to be able to help so many people? What will it feel like to know you can make money with your media business?


What is the investment? $197 CAD (Approximately $150 USD) that is more than a 90% DISCOUNT just because you are interested in being a part of the pre-launch of this program.

When does it start?

September 5, 2018 will be the first session and once a week thereafter.  Time TBA.  The QNA and OPEN OFFICE Hours will be scheduled during the first session.

What is my commitment?

You are expected to parttake in all sessions and follow the training to create your own show, blog or column.

Why such a big discount?

In exchange for the steps, processes and inside scoops to building a solid show, platform… We want your input during and after the training.  Your commentary and testimonial will allow us to  share how we delivered on our promise.

How will training take place?

All of the training sessions will take place via zoom.  We will record each session so you can have access for future reference.


He is known as Daddy Blogger, Digital Nomad, World Travelling Author, Speaker, Coach and Trainer.


Media guru who helps business owners get known and drive traffic through media exposure.

Ready to get started?

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