We Start with Your Strong Foundation

Like building your business, building media relations is part art and part science.  When you follow the fundamentals you begin the journey of mastering your craft.  You follow protocols and procedures to ensure success.  Then you add your people’s personal touch and that gives your business that intangible benefit when dealing with you.

That is how we help you create Distinction in the marketplace by building media relations.

Explore New Media Channels

The strategies we use are not new.  They are timeless.  What changes over time is the technology and tools.  Your mission and vision may be timeless… but the technology and tools in which you deliver your offering may change.  Like you we test and look at innovative ways to make your message Distinct.

Build Your Brand to Attract

Your objectives as a business includes solving problems.  Do your clients come to you because you do that?  Most businesses typically market and advertise stating how they solve your problem.  But very few are Distinct in the marketplace.  To build a brand that attracts ideal clients and be considered the go to expert in your industry and rise above the noise… you must Build Media Relations!


To secure placement in mainstream media, there are set protocols and procedures we follow to ensure you what we have been able to achieve…  proof of  millions of media impressions 

Our Services Include:

  • Discovery Meeting:
    • Identify goals, outcome and purpose
    • Categorize current marketing programs
    • Establish measurements of success
  • Media Approach Strategy
    • Targeted List
    • Features
  • PR Campaign Success Report
  • Community and Press Conference Events
  • Media Training & Coaching
    • Delivering the message, coherently and clearly
    • Handling crisis situations within the business
  • Media Collateral Development and Design


Recent Client:  Isha Foundation

The Challenge



Isha Foundation was looking for media attention and connection with mainstream communities with a 30 day period.  The timeline was short and the topic of conversation was not something of high interest.


The Goals

  • Secure media to help generate awareness of an event October 14-15
  • Position Sadhguru and the work of the Isha Foundation to mainstream media
  • Develop connections with influencers to create relationships for future inquiries


The Strategies



We conducted a discovery session, during which we identified goals, purpose, targeted audience and current relations. Given the short timeline till the event Oct 14-15 event, we positioned 2 different focused stories in various media and assisted with events of the Consul General of India to identify opportunities, offering an open communication between journalists, high profile delegates to build a relationship for on-going discussions.

The Results



We secured over 30 media placements in local, regional and national media outlets (print, radio and television) on behalf of the Isha Foundation.  (Audience size of 2+ million visitors per day – over a 24 day period).  We provided awareness and connection with municipality Mayors / City Councillors, and had in attendance business owners and influencers.  We secured a national Television host to part take in the private event with Sadhguru.



Mike Hayakawa

Mike Hayakawa

Media Relations Consultant

Mike has been a sports writer and journalist for 30+ years where he spent the majority of his career with York Region Media Group (Markham Economist and Sun, Stouffville Sun-Tribune, Richmond Hill Liberal, Thornhill Liberal, Vaughan Citizen).

Kevin Huhn

Kevin Huhn

Chief Inspirational Officer

Kevin Huhn is an award-winning business growth strategist, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Be Your Best Today.  He has been featured in media and continues to build media relations around the world for himself and his clients.

Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings

Strategic U.S. Media Partner

Annie Jennings has appeared as the publicity expert in major media including Entrepreneur Magazine, FAST COMPANY,, Inc., Yahoo! Annie has provided the publicity with a vast amount or PR knowledge and advice via offering over 500 teleseminars, webinars and podcasts.

John Sturrup

John Sturrup

Communications Consultant

John is a former journalist and editor who worked in print media for nearly 30 years.  He is involved in many community organizations and has volunteered on several local boards and committees.


If you are wondering about engaging us or any PR firm, you need to think about ‘Plan B.’  That’s right!  You know the time when things do not go your way.

Imagine a recall on a product, an executive scandal or any other controversy.  What will you say?  How will you position your company?  What stance will you take?

Answers to these questions will determine your long term success or the immediate demise of your company.

What you can expect:

We strive in our business and communications, to be open, transparent and accurate with you and to represent you with honesty and integrity.  We are committed to you in ensuring these principles are upheld daily.

For your business to have the Distinction you desire in the marketplace, you want comprehensive PR service.  Your time is now to start Managing Media Matters!